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Games and Projects

Proprietary Game Engine [Torus Games External]

Unannounced Triple A title

I am currently nearing the end of production on a triple A title to be released in 2024. This work is in conjunction with other studios in Melbourne and I cannot wait to share more when I am able!

Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN)

Turtle VS Turtle & Rushtown Runners

In 2023, Starbreeze Entertainment asked us at Torus games to produce a publishable prototype of a long existing project titled “Project Turtle” which we adapted to UEFN as Turtle Vs Turtle; a base defence strategy/combat game set in a moving world upon the back of massive Turtles. During this period I also worked on another UEFN title “RushTown Runners”; A first of its kind Top-Down experience where players compete for high scores in an infinitely generated world. Having to jump through many hurdle and work around hard blockages present in UEFN, this was a great experience in creative problem solving. The editor is not yet ready for full scale production and I am very proud of the effective solutions we devised to make the engine work for us.

UE4 C++ & Blueprints [Torus Games]

LEGO 2K Drive

For the last few months I have been working with Torus Games on the recently released LEGO 2K Drive in UE4 for 2K Games. I have been working with both C++ and Blueprints with my primary focus being CPU optimization for Consoles. I implemented many fixes around asset loading and gameplay flow that were pivotal to the release of this project on PS4/5, XBOX ONE/SeriesX and Nintento Switch.

Proprietary Game Engine [Torus Games]

World War Z: Aftermath

In 2022 I worked with the Torus team on the WWZ: Aftermath Next-Gen Console porting project. This project used a Saber Interactive Proprietary Game Engine which I had to learn to be able to fix and implement game systems for Next-Gen Platforms such as the Xbox Series X and PS5. This was an educational experience as every week meant learning something to get the job done.

Unreal Engine Development [MIStudios]

Associate Lead Developer on unreleased title 'REDACTION' at Melbourne Interactive Studios

I worked in Unreal Engine 4 and 5 as part of the Development team from November 2021 to July 2022 and was leading our team of Unreal Engine Devs. I was responsible for many core game systems as well as network replication in Blueprints. I regularly reviewed and improved upon mechanics and bugs implemented by the junior team.

Physics Platformer


Potionvania is a side-on platformer about ascending a tower using potions to defend yourself and assist movement. My primary role in this project was the creation of the physics potions which players can hurl, shattering upon impact and unleashing stored energy, propelling enemies away and the alchemist through the air.
This project was completed in conjunction with a small team of programmers, artists and designers at AIE.

Modular C# library

Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) AI System

This GOAP AI system is designed as a modular library for Unity to be used on for intergration with any project in need of intelligent AI decision making. With optional hunger and thirst needs as well as passive/aggression settings, the AI will make decisions to meet their individual requirements while always choosing the best path.
The demo shown to the right exemplifies the GOAP system through material changing. While in range, Red AI will pursue the player, light blue AI will escape the player and grey AI will act neutrally. Dark blue indicates the AI is thirsty and Green indicates hunger.

Custom C++

Graphics Engine

This Graphics Engine built in C++ is able to load any model into the scene and apply appropriate light reflection in 3D space. Created from scratch, this project greatly improved my understanding of Graphical engines and their back end functionality.

Custom C++

Physics Engine

This Physics Engine built in C++ handles static and dynamic shapes in 2D. The engine was used to created a small game of 6-ball pool to display it’s functionality. Everything seen in this game was written from scratch, inclusive of collision resolution and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Virtual Reality Work

Tour of Murky Mansion - VR

Tour of Murky Mansion – VR is a Haunted House experience where players move on a slow cart through a creepy mansion and gain high scores by shooting pop up targets throughout the level. Some basic AI was implemented for the alternate ending of the game where the pop ups come to life and attack the helpless player as their cart gets stuck at the end of the line! My primary focus on this project was the 3D UI implementation and shooting mechanics.
The successful completion of this VR project saw a working build playable on the Oculus Go.


Work and Involvements

Programmer - Torus Games (July 2022 - Current)

Project Associations:

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Associate Lead Developer - Melbourne Interactive Studios (MIStudios) (October 2021 - July 2022)
Simulation Developer - Australian Federal Police (August 2021 - November 2021) A training simulation to be used by AFP members throughout Australia for instruction and performance evaluation in fulfilling warrants. This was completed over 6 months, working in Unreal Engine 4 with a small team of AFP members as one of 2 programmers.

Diploma of
Digital and
Interactive Games

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
(AIE Melbourne)

Completed in 2020

Advanced Diploma of
Digital and
Interactive Games

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
(AIE Canberra)

Completed 2021

About Me

Who Is Riley?

Hey, I’m Riley!
How did I get into game dev? In short, Robots. In long, out of high school I got accepted into RMIT to study advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics. It was in this course that I learnt the foundations of C++ as well as other low-level languages and machine code. After 2 and a half years of doing well in programming subjects and less well in materials studies classes, I decided to refocus my studies to a passion I had always wanted to chase but never had the chance to, video games.
I studied at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment for 2 years, learning games specific programming techniques. In my second year, we were approached by the Australian Federal Police for the above-mentioned work opportunity. I was selected from the graduating group of programmers for this opportunity and worked on a training simulation with them for the final 6 months of that year, credited to my degree. 

Currently I am working full time as a programmer at Torus Games. I work with a small team of programmers from mid and senior who have just finished working on the release of LEGO 2K Drive.

I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne with my Fiancé and our cat. I play a lot of video games on a range of platforms and love to spend time on my own projects. Outside of gaming I am a fond traveller and enjoy getting away to the snow for a few days each year to snowboard with my partner. 

I love working with people of all sorts from all around the world and believe myself to be an easy personality to integrate into a team of any size. I am always looking to learn and guide where I can. New challenges and diverse environments are where I find I thrive most.